Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Shirley's picture.

If you remember my tulips from Valentine's Day, this picture was took by my Daugther's Shirley,at the end of February when the tulips were all open. She did a good job.

Colorful frame

I had this frame in my basement,I wasn't thinking in apply any color. But I have a lot of magazines a company send me regularly to order seeds for our garden, and the pictures are awesome. Why not use them to do something else? At the end I frame a nice Botanical Print and place it against this wall that have a faux finish in gold yellow.Is a nice picture.

Cross Stitch...

This picture was made long ago, I don't think I'll do Cross stitch for a while, it takes a lot of energy I ended with red eyes all the time. But I was a little younger by then.I just had to followed the stitches and coordinated the colors, I love how it looks now, perhaps I may change the frame later.

The little picture was made in 1996, I realize I did a lot of work those years in my spared time.It is by the same spot and I used ribbons in this one to add to the charm of the cross stitch. Is wonderfull how they look together, they are nice treasures.
In conclusion I think that if we want to create something we will find the time to do it, I even worked late at night.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Dinner at home.

You don't have to wait for a special occasion to enjoy a good dinner at home, or use the nice dishes, we should do it all the time. I like to change the decor as often as I can, and the table offer an opportunity to be creative and enjoy a casual, exotic or a fancy dinner with the family and friends.
No debemos esperar por una ocasion especial para disfrutar de una buena cena en casa o usar esa linda vajilla, porque no hacerlo todo el tiempo? Me gusta cambiar la decoracion a menudo, y la mesa te ofrece esa oportunidad de ser creativo y disfrutar una comida ya sea casual, exotica o elegante con la familia y los amigos.

Dinner for two?, I just love the reflection of candles in the glass and the idea of a romantic dinner sometimes.
Cena para dos? Me encanta el reflejo de las velas en el cristal y la idea de una cena romantica algunas veces.