Friday, December 18, 2009

A small Tree.

This is a fiber optic tree we are using in this corner, is the second year I decorated, is small but we seems to like this tree and the light changes, it has snowflakes, little boots, ribbons, balls, angels, and more. Is adorable. My other tree is bigger, I will take some more pictures later. Merry Christmas!!!!!!!!

Cookies and Tea.

How nice the Christmas season!! At the beginning of December I just pulled out a few pieces like this cookie jar, and the tea pot, and were delighted with what I got last year as gifts from my dear friends, the Christmas Spirit was starting to fill our hearts.


A picture made with fabric and paper.
With Chinese writing, i added a gold frame but forget to take the picture before it was sold. I will try another one later.


This Vintage picture was made using an old frame, fabric, two little frames same size. old post cards and poinsettias. They are lovely pictures of Santa and children.