Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Spring 2010 is here!!!!

Spring is the rebirth and renewal of all trees and plants. The green return and flowers will bloom with intensity. This are the first plants that are starting to emerge in our yard this Season. I'm not sure yet of the changes I will make but I'm just happy to see the narcissus returning as well as the lilacs, tulips, parsley, Hydrangeas, roses, clematis, hyacinth, etc. Just wait and see. This are only a few pictures of what I had found around.

Cats during Winter.

This is the closed I was to this cats, I took

the pictures through the window. We were feeding several wild cats during the Winter outside the house, it was fun to see them coming to the portion of food and water that we had to keep changing because it will be icy in no time. We had counted about five of them including one with a collar that probably did not had enough food at home. Another one gray and white didn't have an eye in the right side, I had an encounter with him one night when I had to go out, before I open the door I saw this cat steering at me from the stair, it was when I noticed he only had one eye, I stayed there without moving for a while until he moved and disappear in the night. Since them the girls here have been calling him UNO.


It was a nice project to do some pillocases with this pieces of fabric, just added a different print at the borders and that was all. Nice pillowcases for the girls ,to keep the pijamas close to bed.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Dogs by the road.

Last Fall during my walks to the lake I always saw this pair of dogs, they will bark at me but they were tied to the fences, I just talked to them as old friends. I was thinking of them because is about time to start going back to the walks again. Spring is here and we must take all the opportunities to stay healthy.

Bonsai trees

My Bonsai Trees are doing well since December when I got them as a lovely gift, a Juniper tree, a Ficus tree and a pine tree.
Bonsai trees are becoming more as pieces of indoor decor today. The word Bon mean tray and Sai mean growing or planting. I'm not experienced in this but I hope I can learn in the process, my gift came with a few books that I still trying to find time to read. Do you know about Bonsai? I will appreciate it if you have any advice.