Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Rabbits in my Kitchen...

This is definitely a cute one, I got this to hang in the kitchen, it have happy colors.Is nice to have a little fun with whimsical Farm animals , I have a few vintage finds that I really like, this is one of them.

Monday, August 3, 2009

An Antique Iron.

There are a near endless variety of different flat or sad iron styles & forms, both American and International. They were made worldwide. Some were very plain and utilitarian, people commonly call those bookends or doorstops.The thing about these irons is that they have been in collections for years. They are not commonly found these days. I was lucky to find this one in a past auction I attended, with a few more things. Not sure yet where I will place it but I took this pictures to show it to all of you. The book Impressionism we bought it at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, is a big book with so many pictures of art from that time, is a book that takes you to the world of art in the nineteenth century. Many artist like Claude Monet, Pierre Auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Cezanne and many others are from that Impressionist circle.
I enclosed some art pictures from Mary Cassatt whose critics were uncertain as to whether she was an American or an English . I had the opportunity to see some of her art work in the Museum, and I always like the style as how she captured the images.
The pictures I photographed from the book are "The cup of Tea" and :Five O'clock Tea.(1880)
Hace poco estuve en una de esas ventas que llamamos auction aqui, y fui afortunada al encontrar y poder adquirir esta pieza de hierro que es una antiguedad, son planchas de hierro que usaban antes, actualmente es dificil encontrarlas, hay muchos estilos y son buscadas por los coleccionistas. Mi idea al adquirirla fue recordar un poco mis antepasados, para mi es un tesoro.
Hay algunas personas que las usan para parar las puertas o como sosten de libros, son utiles de ese modo. Aqui les presento la que adquiri y tambien les muestro un libro de arte: Impressionism que adquirimos hace tiempo en una visita al Museo de Arte de Philadelphia. Es un libro que te transporta al siglo diecinueve, donde artistas como Claude Monet, Pierre auguste Renoir, Edgar Degas, Cezanne entre otros que formaron parte del Circulo del Impresionistas estan presentes a traves de las coloridas imagenes de su arte.
Tambien tome algunas fotos de la obra de Mary Cassatt que como decia sus criticos estan indecisos aun de que si ella era Americana o Inglesa. He aqui dos fotos de su arte: "La taza de Te " y :Te de las cinco" (1880)

Sunday, August 2, 2009

Candle holder.

This candle holder is made of wood, it was a dark finish, I painted it in different colors and then applied a glaze to soft all the colors, sorry I complete forget to take pictures of the transformation, from boring to a nice and colorful piece. But I'm happy with the results.

Malma Mirrors ...

This are Malma Mirrors from IKEA, the first image as you see were too plain, I painted one long ago with acrylics and rubber gold paint, and just recently I did decoupage in the next one, I'm just thinking in giving an antique finish to both, maybe later I like then like that for now.