Friday, August 21, 2009

Country lifestyle

This cat is made in metal and the letters in wood, they are all joined with wire, I think is a cute thing to hang with my other signs. A country style touch.

Este gato esta hecho en metal y las letras en madera, todo unidos con alambre, me parecio un lindo detalle para colgar junto a mis otros letreros. Un toque campestre. Esta lindo no??

There are so many of high-quality country crafts, home decor items, gifts and unique accessories around, I think my kitchen can't scape for holding a few of this things in the walls, This particular washboard remind us of old times laundry, we have it so easy now compared to how people used to do their clothes. My Mother used to have one when I was little and we wasn't aloud to play with it.

En espanol le llamamos rayos a estos articulos, este en particular es uno de esos accesorios para adorno, pero recuerdan la epoca pasada, cuando la gente lavaba su ropa de esta forma y pensar que para nosotros es mas facil ahora! . Mi Madre tenia uno cuando yo era chica y recuerdo que no nos dejaban jugar con el.

Postcard from Alaska.

My friend Carol and her Husband were recently in Alaska for a few days vacation. I got this postcard from them, it was nice to know they were having fun there.
We want to visit Alaska in the near future and takes the lure of seeing a really big mountain up close in a helicopter ride, visiting the Denali National Park, will be awesome.
Until them we have to find out which time will be better to go.