Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Plants and Vegetables.

After you've harvested vegetables from an area, replant that spot with another crop to get the most production out of your garden. This technique is called succession planting. I have experimented with many varieties this year.

More from the Garden...

I'm still amazing with how plants are still growing here and giving fruits and flowers.

This is just a few of them, some are in containers and pots to make it easy to save them in the Winter time. We just put them in the basement with artificial light during the hard Winter and wait until the Spring. The Bananas survived that way from last year.

Yesterday we had a salad with cantaloupes, it was delicious!! and not to mention the other herbs we had been using for cooking. Few of them were blooming and probably will have a lot of seeds after. The corn we ate was sweet and crunchy, not bad, the only thing was I just planted a few of the seeds, not wanted to overpower the garden with too tall plants, still have a few of them.