Monday, May 11, 2009

Follow me. Garden in progress.

Garden Magic:
This is the garden's magic,
That through the sunny hours The gardener who tends it, Himself outgrows his flowers.
He grows by gift of patience, Since he who sows must know That only in the Lord's good time Does any seedling grow.
He learns from buds unfolding, From each tight leaf unfurled, That his own heart, expanding, Is one with all the world.
He bares his head to sunshine, His bending back a sign Of grace, and every shower becomes His sacramental wine.
And when at last his labors Bring forth the very stuff And substance of all beauty .
This is reward enough.-
Just a few pictures of my plants, they are starting to grow and have more flowers every day. We did some improvements adding a few more solar lights, and still waiting for the other seeds to start coming out.
Les presento algunas de las plantas que siguen creciendo y empiezan a dar flores esta temporada. Hicimos algunos arreglos como agregar luces solares y aun espero que germinen las otras semillas para seguir plantando.

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A nice Pin Cushion.

This piece was left alone in my kitchen, I had change all the dinnerware last year, I saw somewhere this idea long ago and with few materials I had, I put together this pin cushion, I like the result. Can be a perfect gift to somebody. Look in your kitchen, you may find a variety of items that you may not use and can be transform in something else. Use your imagination.
Esta pieza la encontre sola en la cocina,ya que cambie la vajilla el ano pasado . En algun lugar vi esta idea hace tiempo,y usando materiales que tenia a mano logre hacer este alfiletero. Me gusta el resultado, puede ser el regalo perfecto para alguien. Busca en tu cocina puedes tener muchas cosas que podrias transformar en algo diferente y util. Usa tu imaginacion.