Thursday, February 19, 2009

Lemon Balm .

Last Year we planted a few Lemon Balm in the back yard, they grow so fast that we had to start using it in different things. I did fresh tea, add ice and sometimes a little Honey or sugar. We love it. Then I used to decorate around the house and look great, the leaves have a nice green color that will go anywhere. If you cut them put it inmediatedly in water to keep them firm. This plant have many benefits, is used as a flavouring in ice cream, with fruits and candies, in the evenings make you feel relax if you have trouble sleeping. The crushed leaves, when rubbed on the skin, are used as a repellant for insects.

Realesed a fresh citrus scent when rubbed, is bushy all year long, what else can I said? this I had learned from my Sister who cultivate the plant in her garden also.

The miniature roses bush was in bloom when the Winter started, I hope it will comeback this year, just wanted to share that picture with all of you.


This project took me a few months to completed. Didn't frame it before,I abandoned for years until we moved to USA and found it again folded with my other pieces of embroidery designs, still waiting to be frame, one of this days...

I framed this one for my seating room, I think adds some more interest to the place, and make a reminder of my early days stitching with a group of friends. Now I can see this beautifully Bouquet and be proud of my work. Is a work of art, I did it!!!

My Tulips today.

At the end of the Winter we start to see tulips of all colors and variety. They make a real impact in your decoration. We got a few of them for our Valentine's Day, five days ago. They are more open by now and still looking marvelous.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Decorating a Bottle.

There is a lot of bottles with a lot of potential
I'm trying to decorate this one using cuts out of magazines I recived from my previous orders of seeds, they have nice images and I thought why not use them to create something nice?otherwise they will end in the garbage tank.

More to come, stay alert for the next edition.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A simple tuna fish can.....

What to do with an empty can of tuna fish??

I had done a few of them for my friends, is always something useful. I saw the idea in a popular forum where the girls also did a competition. I decided to try one day and since them I did some more as gifts. Is only the personal touch that is different every time.

Valentine's Day 2009.

We did celebrate at home this year, it was a simple celebration but full of love.

There were so many events around here, the newspaper had full pages with adds for this day. Love is magic, we did had snow that night. It was cold.

How much can one person love another?A universe exists in time and space,Placed within the boundaries of one place,Pressed into a point far from forever.Yet love comes to us from some quite other,Visiting our sorrow with its grace,Answering our rage with its embrace,Lending us the wisdom of its wonder.Even as I say this, you are there,Nestling in where need undoes the day,Taking up your small infinity.Inside my window, you are everywhere,Nor could I tell how much such love might weigh, even were it salient as the sea.....

Meditation Room Box

This Chinesse Box was made with a strong box I refuse to trow out, it was used by one of my Canadians Friend to send me a gift from there. Everything arrived safe so I thought the box could be useful in some ways.

Is all Decouphage with napkins, to decorate the box outside I used chinesse coins and in the inside I covered with a very soft fabric in gold brown. The Box is part of my meditation Room now.


Molas are very popular in Panama, they are made by the Kuna Indians in San Blas Isle. I got a few of them during one of my trips there in 2007 and framed in diferent styles, this one for example I put it in black frame to take advantage of the beautiful colors it have, I love it!

Autum Leaves.

This Pastel was made during the Autum 2004,Pastel is one of medias I like to use sometimes, but is messy.

This are leaves from Maples trees that are giving us shade during the year. During the Fall they will be in a variety of colors, very rich and beautifully.

Monday, February 16, 2009

The walking ducks.

This is a embroidery I just framed a while ago, I did this and a few others, many years ago while in the Caribbean. I will post another picture later. I love this ducks walking together.

Cushion with bottons.

This cushion was created one afternoon last year. The idea I had was to create trees sewing pieces of fabric and using bottons, very simple, not to overpower the decor of the room by then. Bottons come in different and beautiful styles, and look great almost in anything.
I don't have much time to do a lot of art work but I try to take any opportunity during Weekends or during the nights when I don't feel tired from work. As we said If you want to do it, you will find the time.

Color your Life.

Be confidence using colors, after all they can be replace it anytime. So many are reluctant to express how they really feel about colors, but definitedly they are part of our personality. Don't worry about what the others think, enjoy what you really like.

Free Horses

I have to admit that I have a passion for horses, I did this picture in 2007, it is an acrylic on canvas, my idea was to make a very sutil picture of this horses using soft colors. They are running free in a prairie.

Idea for Chritsmas.

Last year I wanted to create something different for Christmas to add to the decor, I saw this silhouette image of an Angel in a magazine, all in black, using a printer I made it big enough to put in a frame, the results were fenomenal, I also add a Burgundy ribbon for that special touch. December was a beautiful month, we enjoyed every moment. Christmas Spirit was truly there!!!.

Fall 2008

This Wreath was created last year to celebrate the arrival of the Fall. I used dry vines and leaves, and dry corn.

Feng Shui in Decoration.

I created this Feng Shui Picture using a few images and drawing them in repetition so we can see Hundred Birds on it. It is a good symbol to have in the house to open more opportunities in your life. It is important in Feng Shui practice to create a peaceful enviroment.

Symbols and patterns are the way your psyche subconsciously interprets and relates to your environment. They condition your thoughts, moods actions, and energy. Symbols affect you on three different levels, Universal, Cultural and Personal, all of which involve your living space, in your home and office.

A Rabbit came to visit last year.

I got the visit of this wild rabbit in my garden last year, I took this picture from the second floor, here he is at my neighbour's side after he passed all my plants and go down the fence crossing to the other side, it was the only way to see him better out of all the greenery. He stayed in that spot for long time, it was about 5 O'clock, a Summer day.
Esta foto es de un conejo que visito mi jardin el ano pasado, estuvo entre mis plantas y despues salio al patio de mi vecina, ahi pude tomar las fotos mejor sin las plantas, la foto esta tomada desde el segundo piso, bastante distante. Estuvo alli por largo rato era ya casi las cinco de la tarde, un dia de verano.


This sweet grapes picture was taken by my Daugther Shirley, she loves grapes. This were seedless and of crunchy texture. We often incorporate them to our salads, giving a great taste combine with vegetables. The grapes provide lots of nutrients and beneficial compounds, thanks to that they have this purple color. I like to drink the juice in breakfast time, but you can do homemade jam, jelly, vinegar, wine (don't have the recipe), raisings, etc.

Protect your health and snack on grapes, I had learned that a cup of grapes is only sixty-one calories and provide vitamin C and fiber.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Broken Tiles.

Looks who claims the table!!! ( Triskies the cat)

Are you looking for a special touch to your porch? The broken tiles are an excellent choice to give a new look to a small table, you can create unique styles full of color and shapes. I used black grout to give more drama to the table. Is gorgeous, You can use plain colors or decorated styles or combine them to obtain a great design. I'm glad I had found a use for those broken tiles.