Friday, May 22, 2009

Visiting Newport.

Newport is a borough in Perry County, PA, USA. Newport was originally known as Ryder's Ferry as it was the site of an early ferry on the Juniata River. It was later renamed Newport after the canal came through. Is a nice place to visit and find antiques, also there is a Farmer Market with a variety of local products and plants. A great place to go and do kayaking and fishing in the Juniata River. We enjoy every moment there, but is not our first visit. It was here where I discovered the Shoo Fly cake that I like. Little Buffalo State Park is very close so you can go there and stay more close to nature.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Around PA.

In Pennsylvania some buildings from the earliest day of European settlement have survived. We had passed this castle many times, is part of the Government administration. I love the architecture and English style,reminiscence of old times.

More of the Garden.

Yesterday was chilly but I manage to take some pictures of my clematis, daisies and Rhododendrons growing outside, the Clematis was a little more open, and I finally see results with my Daisies. I hope you like to see this every day changes.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Clematis in bloom.

Clematis name in Greek means "vine." , is a climbing plant, This variety we planted last year is of Group 2 name Dr Rupell. I recently learned that this plant can survive for 25 years or more.They require full sun to grow best. I love the color of this one, is not fully open , I just saw this flower today in my garden, I was waiting for them to open. Now you know the excitement!!!.

Adorable Little Box.

Decoupage is fun. I had a party last February and used a lot of this napkins, I wanted to save this images and do something useful. Depending on what you make, the finished product can be so stunning . By looking at the finished product, you would think decoupage would be complicated, but it isn't.
Decoupage is actually very simple! If you can cut and paste, you already know most of the techniques involved. Basically, you cut out pictures, in this case I used napkins, a little difficult sometimes but if you are patience you can achive better results, when the picture is dry just add some more coats of glue to protect the image and is done.