Thursday, April 2, 2009

This Italians candleholders are the same but different color, I wanted to paint them and make it look as a pair. I'll add the final result later......thanks for your patiente.
Para los amigos de habla hispana, sean bienvenidos, estas imagenes son de unos candelabros italianos que tenia en diferentes colores, ahora he querido transformarlos y ponerlos del mismo color. Mas tarde les pondre el resultado, les agradezco su paciencia.

Perennials are coming back!

here you can see some of the Tulips, Roses still growing leaves, Daylilies,.

Perennials is a term that describes what many gardeners and homeowners strive for, which is a plant that comes back every Spring.Perennials tend to die back to the ground each Winter.

I have Hostas and Ferns waiting to comeback this year also, so We'll be having fun this weekend cleaning around and planning our garden.

We had a long Winter in PA. This week we had a lot of rain, but today was sunny and nice outside, temperature is changing. I took a few pictures of some plants that are returning this year, I love this. How nice to see my roses coming back, the Lilacs, the forsythias, the onion, Parsley, Vincas, Lemon Balm, tulips,Daylilies,carnations, Clematis and many more I planted last year. I'll post more picture as they star growing. Is time for cleaning and remove the dry leaves that protected them from the Winter. Spring is here!!!!