Friday, April 2, 2010

More from my Garden this Season....

New discoverers every day , I'm still planning what else to plant in our garden and trying to find time to do it.
Cada dia descubrimos mas plantas saliendo en el jardin, auque aun estoy planeando que mas sembrar en esta temporada, y tratando de encontrar tiempo para hacerlo. Me encanta el jardin, es como una terapia para relajarse.

They are back this Spring.

Spring is one of my favorites season, it brings a lot of green and flowers. Today I went around our house to take a few pictures and discovered a lot more than new leaves and flowers, but some squirrels. They were out of control today, we knows that behind that cute fluffy is a bandit ready to attack your plants, so be prepare all around Spring and Summer. Lol.

Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter decor 2010.

Eggs made in crochet and a few rabbits for Easter.

Dinnerware and plants

The Square dinnerware offers a modern look that looks great in any table, we got this recently from Pier 1,They have a large selection on imported decorative home furnishings, accesories for the house and gifts.
The plants are more Tulips and lilies ( Hardy Lily Mona Lisa) we got for Easter, something else for the garden.
I hope you have a nice Easter, blessings!!!