Sunday, April 26, 2009

Progress in my Garden.

We planted some Ferns yesterday around the borders of the house, they like plenty water and shade. This is just the beginning, I hope I can keep update with more in the days ahead. Every Spring I try to dedicate a few hours before Sunset to see how I can improve the garden. I love gardening, is an scape to all the stress of work, and an extension of decorating a house. The exterior should be nice too. Give love to your garden and get wonderful results back.
This tree is magical, I can see it through my window, is spectacular now with this other background.

Tulips still blooming, Hyacinths, parsley, rose and a pine bush.

This pansies are happy here, they are in fact all red, but in this picture seems to be orange. There is another Rosemary plant growing along.

I think there is a Lemon Balm plant growing in the middle of this plants, you can also see one of my little mosaics (That was from last year)

The Lilac is all bloom, has an exquisite fragrance.

I love Wisterias, this one is having the first flowers. Never had flowers before.

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