Monday, September 14, 2009

In the Garden Today

I thought I can share some beauty with you today!!
Cosmos are herbaceous perennial flowering plants. Spent flowers should be deadheaded regularly, as it keeps cosmos in bloom for many weeks. They just show off this days, not sure but I think we planted they late.

Dried Wreaths made from the branches of the Wisteria. Ready to be decorate it.
Marigolds make nice border plants and mix well in containers. They blend well with yellow and orange daylilies, extending the color between daylilies blooms. This one seems to grow well there, is always full of flowers. Last year our marigold plants just grow so much, this year we change to the standard size, the rest of them just came back from seeds that were in the ground.
Cleome is a nice plant that we usually called spider plant. It is one of the few annuals plants I put in the garden this year, I like the fact that they attract it Hummingbirds.
Cleome tolerates heat and dry weather well, and continue to look good well into the summer. This plants are still looking great because of the rainy days we had, but in a few days more the Summer will be finally over.

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