Saturday, July 25, 2009

Canopy .... Chic and Cozy .

I needed to update one of the bedrooms at home.The bedroom is always a place of refuge from stress moments, a place we look forward to come and rest. To light up this room a little more I created a different look , using neutrals hues as my palette. One of the instant ways to transform a bedroom is to invest in new bedding . To me one of the easiest and effective ways to give a warm feeling to a bedroom is definitely using fabrics and textiles. Be sure to hang the drapes close to the ceilings in that way you are giving the illusion of height. The final steps is finishing the room with some accents that give character to the room, a nice area rug since the floors are all wood and accessories to achieve an exotic and romantic feeling. I'll post more pictures when the room is finish, just this ones for now.


  1. Love It !!!!!! Hugzzz...Tiina....

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