Friday, July 24, 2009

A few treasures I found....

I went to a State Sale yesterday, so many people came for the occasion , it was a cloudy day, soon after the Auction started we had rain and had to run inside the house. There were a lot of articles and furniture for sale including the house a nice upstairs six bedrooms house with many amenities for entertaining. I wasn't looking for anything special but I saw a few things that I wanted to bit on. I came home with a few things and of course with more homework to do. As you see this things need to be restore and polish to the full glory. I'm taking the challenge! Does anybody have an idea how to best polish silver and preserve it after? I will appreciate if you do.

The trunk is made of pure cedar and will be a great storage solution for a room. It have some water marks that I need to deal with but nothing seriously to restore it. I'm looking forward to start the project.

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