Monday, August 10, 2009

The Wonder of Bird Feathers.

Walks to the pond sometimes were a unique experience, new people, animals, flowers, the short distance from home, is always exciting. Sometimes I found dry flowers, rocks, in this case feathers from the ducks, and birds that comes around, and I ended bring a few of them home hoping to start some new crafts ideas.
Feathers grow quickly. Once fully developed a feather is a dead matter like your finger nails, Feathers do not last for ever, they become worn and battered and are replaced regularly by the bird once or twice a year depending on species.Birds have good eyesight and colour is important to them. A bird gets its beautiful or cryptic coloration from its feathers.
I covered the feathers with different color threads and add a bead or two, when is ready it can be use for the hair, or as a key chain, or just as a decorative item.

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